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We Don't Sell Module Covers. We Repair Module Covers!

"We Don't Sell Module Covers, We Repair Module Covers!"


At Module Cover Repair Service, this simple approach to serving the needs of Cotton Gins and their Producers has been our motto since our beginning in 1998. 

Module Covers

Module Covers are a substantial investment for a Gin and important protection for the Cotton Producer.

When your module covers are repaired by Module Cover Repair Service, you know that every cover sent with a Producer is Field-Ready.

Module Cover Repair

Our goal at Module Cover Repair Service is to provide cost effective maintenance, thereby extending a cover's useful life.


Each cover is inspected for signs of wear. Repairable covers are completely repaired, rolled, and numbered.  You receive an itemized invoice detailing every type of repair made to every cover.

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