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Module Covers are a substantial investment for a Gin and important protection for the Cotton Producer.  Our goal at Module Cover Repair Service is to provide cost-effective maintenance, thereby extending a cover's useful life.
Repair Rather than Discard


All covers are reconditioned with quality materials and workmanship leaving the cover in a "like new" condition for considerably less price.

Prolongs Useful Life


Covers are repaired so that previous tears or punctures do not turn into bigger tears or holes.  Covers are neatly rolled and secured allowing for more convienet storage and handling.

Cost-Effective when Compared to Replacement


A reconditioned cover from Module Cover Repair Service will function as new, and in some instances may actually outperform a new cover.  Covers can be repaired multiple times for the price of a new cover. 

Provides Producers with Field-Ready Protection


Covers are rolled in a way that makes deploying them much easier in the field.  Holes and tears have been patched.  The rope or strap has been checked and made ready or replaced if necessary.  A cover that has left Module Cover Repair Service is ready to roll out over a Module and be tied down without having to be concerned about it's integrity or whether or not the rope or strap is tangled and knotted.  

Accurate Count of Inventory


When you recieve an invoice from Module Cover Repair Service, you also receive worksheets detailing every type of repair that was made to each tarp.  You will also know exactly how many Field-Ready tarps we returned to you.

Repaired Covers Maximize Protection


A repaired cover will protect your Cotton as well as a new cover.  Better protected Cotton means higher yields and higher grades.

Minimizes Complaints for Gin Managers and Owners


The first time your covers are repaired by Module Cover Repair Service, your Producers will thank you and ask you who fixed your covers.  The next time you don't have your covers repaired by Module Cover Repair Service, your Producers will ask you why not.

Saves Growers Time in Covering Modules


A cover that has been repaired by Module Cover Repair Service will be Field-Ready.  Part of being Field-Ready is that the cover is rolled in a way that allows for it to be deployed quickly. And beacuse of the fact that every cover you hand out is Field-Ready, there is no more going through covers in the field.  It's just grab and go.

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