Our thourough inspections and qaulity repair will help to extend the life of your module covers.  Aside from the basic inspections and repairs, Module Cover Repair Service can also customize your covers as needed.  We can add straps, rings, etc. wherever you may want them.  The vast majority of the time, this will be at no additional cost.


Every cover is thoroughly inspected for signs of wear, punctures, and tears to determine if the cover is repairable or "beyond repair".  After any necessary repairs have been made, the cover is rolled, numbered, and a corresponding worksheet shows a "beyond repair" determination or itemizes any repairs.


Included in the price of inspection are buckles/rings for any ropes/straps that need them.


Larger rips and tears are sewn by machine, especially damage found in any netting. Sometimes a hole may be big enough to require that a new piece of cover be sewn in, and that is included in the price of sewing.


Like patches, if a sew fails, it will be replaced upon the next inspection, and if it is the only sew needed on that cover, there is no charge for the new sew.



If a patch is determined to be needed, laminated poly tape with an aggresive adhesive is applied.  


These patches rarely fail.  If they do, upon the next inspection the patch is replaced.  If that is the only patch needed on that cover, there is no charge for the patch.



All faulty ropes and/or straps are replaced with 1/4" polypropolene rope with two 1" nickel plated rings.  Even straps are replaced with this rope as it has been determined to work better in the field.


A rope/strap is considered faulty when it is not physically long enough to be tied around a module.  Every care is made to not replace ropes/straps that do not need to be replaced. Sometimes this can be quite labor intensive, but part of the service we provide is to not charge for a new rope when the rope/strap that is there can still be used.


Rope pricing is per rope.